Friday, May 13, 2011

First Planning Meeting

Discussion Highlights:

The first planning meeting was held at the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences (University of Khartoum) on Thursday 21st April, 2011. The agenda included an update on the status of planning three weeks on from the first CfP on April 1st. The topics that were focused upon in the discussion included budget and sponsorships, scientific and social programmes, and communication and publicity. The main recommendations that came out of the meeting can be summarised in the following:
  1. There is need to engage in KM awareness activities among the planning committee membership and with the larger community.
    • Organise a KM awareness course
    • Designing tailored messages to the different sectors
    • Participate in public forums (e.g. British Council, DAL Group, University of Science and Technology)
  2. The list of organisations to approach for sponsorships was expanded to include a number of NGOs, Ministries and Universities. Budget needs working out in detail.
    • Other organisations that work on one of the workshop's themes and that have the capacity to organise discussion sessions (e.g. EpiLab for KM in Health) can be approached to fund that particular session.
  3. Coordination of workshop planning activities was divided into:
    • Public Relations Group. Coordinator: Dr. Manar ElSheikh (University of Khartoum)
    • Financial Administration Group: Coordinator: Mr. Gamal Ahmed (Garden City College)
    • Scientific Programme Group. Coordinator: Mr. Husam Mustafa.
    • Social Programme Group. Coordinator: Ms. Hadia Mahmoud (University of Khartoum)
    • Communication Group. Coordinator: Dr Gada Kadoda (Garden City College/University of Khartoum)
  4. Saturdays are suitable for General Planning Meetings. Need to accommodate time difference for members who can skype from Malaysia and US.
    • The next large meeting will be confirmed via email (suggested as monthly).
    • Working groups will coordinate own more frequent meetings.
Committee Members Present:

Adil Yousif (Skype)
ELhadi Mukhtar Elasam
Eman Elsayed
Eram Mubarak Aloshari
Fatin Azhari
Gada Kadoda
Gumma Ibrahim
Hadia Mahmoud Mohamed Ali
Haga Nafisa Mohamed
Husam Aldin Mustafa
Ibtihal Asim Ali
John Tharakan (Skype)
Kamal Ali (Skype)
Khobeib Mohammed osman
Lana Mohamed
Manar ELsheikh Abdelrahman
Moaza Abd Almahmoud
Mohamed Elmain Eltom
Mohammed Abbas
Nabila Seif Aldean
Osama Hamad ELNil
Randa Mohamed Osman
Rofaida Mohammed
Safa Mohamed Ahmed
Suhaila Abd Alla Margany
Suhanda Ahmed Sir Elkhatim
Yousra El-Tayeb