Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fourth Planning Meeting - Summary of Discussion

Place: Garden City College for Science and Technology
Date: 8th September 2011

Members Present: 25


Discussion Points

Sponsorship for Accommodation:

  1.Seek full sponsorship from hotels: if unsuccessful then negotiate best offer. Suggested by Salma M. Osman (Omdurman U. of Science and Technology).
  2.Seek sponsorship/group-discount from airlines because some have agreements with specific hotels which offer discounts for those airlines. Suggested by Margunn Indreboe (UNDP).
  3. Check possibilities of accommodation at DAL and Kenana Guests houses  (follow-up to be assigned).
  4.Continue current efforts with University of Khartoum Guest Houses, Corenthia Hotel at Burj Alfatih (followed by Hadia Mahmoud from Steering Committee and Rofaida Babiker from Student Committee) and Coral Hotel (followed  by Dana Garelnabi from DAL Group).

Social Program:

Organise a post-workshop trip to Almsawarat and Alnagaa in Marawi: This will
be followed by Israa Geneif from KETS. She needs a *letter* to arrange visit and reserve accommodation (follow-up need to be assigned).

Communications and Media:

Additional Contacts with newspapers include:

  1. Alahram newspaper (follow-up Salma M. Osman)
  2. Altayar newspaper (Follow-up Eram Aloshari)
  3. Omdurman Radio and FM 100 (follow up Safa M. Ahmed)
  4. Alshoroug TV (follow-up Eram Aloshari).

Gaps in working Groups:

Scientific and financial groups are doing well. The progress of the communication, social and public relations is not as good.

Suggestion: Populate the specific groups with volunteers from members present at meeting (Sign up with Eman Ibrahim from Student Committee).

List of the members present was compiled by Iman Ibrahim and the minutes were taken by Ms. Suhaila Eltayeb from Student Committee.

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