Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank you notes, comments and personal messages to KMCA2012 Organisers

Thank you notes, comments and personal messages to KMCA2012 Organisers, received on email post the workshop.

Thanks to all of you for enriching out environment.


George Kiyingi 

Dear Gada
I arrived safely in Kampala today. Please`take note that I wa embarassed by Immigration Officials at the air port when I was leaving this mornning. While one of them cleared me to go I was stpped from boarding the plane by another until I pleaded and gave in your number. Still he did not call you at that time.
That aside thank you very much for the warm reception and excellent planning. I will, however, not hesitate to inform you that some infoormation was not given to us in advance likre for example, that Crdit cards do not work in Sudan. Secondly, I was not happy that some of us paid for registration and others exempted!!!! Check this out please.
I look forward to continued cooperation.
Dr. George Kiyingi

dalia aisa 

Dear Ghada,
I called u, try to find wards to say thanks , for given those students all this ( confidence, energy, purpose.......), i believe there some cannot be account. u did a lot for me too.
Really i'm very grateful and appreciated

Trimble, John 

thanks for all the hard work. Also thanks for including the session on youth activism. At that session I shared the website of my party (All-African People's Revolutionary Party) - www.aaprp-intl.org. Please visit the site, it has an article on Sudan written by one of our organizer, don't think he has been to Sudan and would like your opinion on the article and other items on the site.

thanks again, john t

John Tharakan 

Bianca. Tena, Kristina and Aleah

First of all congratulations to all of you for a job well done and a trip well made. You all continue to impress me with your maturity, self confidence and spirit. Keep up the great work.
Hope your journey back home was safe and uneventful. I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Kadoda gave me four KMCA 2012 bracelets for you all and I will bring them back with me when I return.

Kristina Banks 

Hello Dr. Gada,

We just wanted to let you know we made it back to DC. Thank you again for everything! We look forward to speaking with you more in the future!

Thank you,

Howard University Engineers Without Borders

Dean Mulozi 

Dear Gada
I trust all is well sine we left. I take this opportunity to thank you
most sincerely for your support during the KM4D workshop in Khartoum.
I traveled well and had no major problems during departure from Khartoum.

It has been a very rewarding workshop and hope you will be able to
make another one more successful in future.

Convey my regards to workshop organizers and supporters who made this
workshop a success.

Enjoyed my stay in Sudan!!

I send my regards

Paul Corney 

Dear Gada (and everyone) firstly can I say what a tremendous honour and pleasure it was to spend time with so many over you during KMCA 2012.

As I sat at Khartoum Airport in the early hours of this morning I pulled together a few thoughts on the event and my observations of the environment and in the spirit of collaboration I'd like to share them with you all.

Here is the link: http://stories-and-organizations.sparknow.net/

Please feel free to add your own thoughts and Gada I will be sending you a selection of photos in due course.

Once again many thanks for accepting me into your community and for being so supportive when I found myself plunged in at the deep end (which happened frequently this mission).

With best personal regards,


Mohamed Chouikha 

Dear Gada,
Thank you so very much for the wonderful time and a great workshop at Khartoum . This is a city that I will never forget and it is a place that I will love to revisit. I am very impressed with your leadership in getting a very difficult task well done. CONGRATULATIONS.
I had a small thank you gift for you but under the pressure of last minute travel arrangement I forgot to give it to you.
I will keep it for you until I see you either in Africa or in the US.
Again many thanks and please stay in touch.

Jasson Kalugendo 

Dear Gada
Thank you for having me in Khartoum. I thought it ideal that I give you sometime to breath after the conference. I will come back to you next week with some ideas. Again thank you so much for all that you did to make the conference so exciting. Blessings, Jasson

peter charles woods 

Dear Gada,

sorry we didnt get to meeat on Saturday night, I am afraid I was asleep bt the time you got back. Thankfully my chest infection is now under control, and I want to thank you (and your mother) for you patience with me.
Normally I am fully engaged with the conference and I felt bad that I wasnt fit for all events. I must congratulate you on the efforts you put into the success of the workshop. I am sure you learnt a lot, not least you have to get everyone who wants to share the credit locked in to specific tasks at the outset.We all thought it was a miracle you kept
going dealing with matters large and small.
On other matters I was impressed by the contribution of the Sudanese students, their work was first rate and they were very perceptive in their contributions to the discussions. I have carried that message back to my university to give some background if we get applicants for postgrad studies. I had a very useful discussion at Future university and you may
see me more often as a visiting prof.
Finally any word on Douglas?
very best wishes


Dr. Kadoda,
I wanted to write to you and express my sincere appreciation for being able to attend and participate in the conference. It was the first time I have participated in a conference, so it was new and exciting experience on multiple levels.
It was a very enlightening conference in the content. The various presenters opened my eyes to various ways of looking at managing information for various consumers and providers. Though I do not get involved with much inter-organization knowledge management practices, the same principles apply to the management of information between a user and computer information system, a field I am pursuing. It has definitely broadened my thinking on this level.
My time with the students and faculty of the different institutions has also been far more enjoyable that I had anticipated. I feel that I have developed friendships that will continue long after the conference has ended. While I did not have a negative view of Sudan prior to the conference, thanks to Dr. Manzoul and Dr. Ali, my view of your country, particularly its people, has greatly improved. I found the people to be a great asset to your country in their kindness, intelligence and desire to improve their country and the world in general.
It is my hope that should you visit us in Mississippi that we can show you the hospitality that you have shown us while we were there. You, your colleagues and students will forever have a special place in my heart.
Thank you so much.

Senam Aseye Bridget 

Hello Dr. Gada,

Greetings!!! i haven't been able to mail you since the workshop...how are you doing? Am good just a whole lot of school stress since i got back.

I will like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a great gathering, I have been empowered beyond measure.

I really admire your courage and enthusiasm and i look up to you alot.

Will like to thank you once again for the opportunity.



Addo Charles 

Hello from Ghana,

Indeed it did not take me much time to realize you were such a great woman who can turn the whole African continent round when given the opportunity.In fact you have really demonstrated to the whole world that Africans are capable of handling their own affairs, I must admit without second thought your such a kind, powerful and wonderful person I need as a mentor. Your people are so hospitable that I did enjoyed every bit of my stay in Khartoum, I really wish to visit Sudan again or still make it my second home.
Many thanks to you Dr. for given us the opportunity and making Africa proud. I can't just wait to see you in Pretoria again.
Ghana salutes you! and we love you so much.

Mahmoud A. Manzoul

Hi Gada,
Congratulations on successful workshop. I must say that under your leadership the team has done a great job throughout the workshop. It is a lot of work to organize and prepare for the workshop.
On behalf of Jackson State University, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for hosting our students during the workshop. Please extend my thanks to all those who provided support or help to our students during their stay in Sudan.
I am hoping for future collaboration between our institutions.
Best regards,

Jasson Kalugendo 

Dear Dr Gada

I would like to think that you have now recovered from 'catch up model' after the amazing conference. I appreciated for leadership before and during the conference. Thank you for having me.

I think it is now an ample time to reiterate some of our discussions. One of our emails before the conference, you mentioned about the idea of having a joint project for women. Prof Sondra and I talked about the possibilities but we needed you in our meeting in order to understand the context. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to get your attention during the conference. I believe we can exchange ideas over the emails and probably can find the niche of our cooperation.

Also, I mentioned to Rofaida about the communication (ICT and Radio) to communicate knowledge and empower community and local authorities to participate in development. I have developed an idea, which I think it is what most of African countries currently need. It first targets Tanzania but it can be framed to fit different contexts in Africa. I hope Sudan can fit in.

To bring the concept to your attention, I am attaching a summary Concept Note which briefly outlines how the project will enhance upward-downward capacity to promote national development programs. What is particularly attractive about this initiative is its potential to create a significant resource for all development initiatives oriented towards the marginalized, disenfranchised and impoverished that constitute the majority of the population of Africa – especially in the rural areas. Please take a look at it and see if/how possible to customize it for Sudan.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I have heard great praise on the Conference in Khartoum to all those I
have met, who attended.

Tom Dalgety 

Hi Everyone,
I arrived safely in New York last night and loving my dream. To dream of Africa is to dream a mighty dream. My plane from Cairo came straight through the Mediterranian that great lake that accepts fresh water and fish from the mighty Nile (what a love affair!). It crossed Spain and Portugal then climed higher, as if to test its stamina and strength, and then did a left turn straight for New York reminding me of my youth when I ran the forlong (220 yds) on my school ground(left turn to the tape).
By the time it entered the Atlantic I had embraced my favourute tune 'Leave the Mountain' and began to dance in my seat. I remembered we danced on the Nile...the Sudanese, the lady from Rwanda, Mazima from Zim / Swaziland, the student from Ghana and we from the Caribbean. I can't recall if the Americans danced...they held on to their cameras.
Half way over the Atlantic I mummured "to hell was Europe....to hell was the triangular trade". I was glad I was not giving them an airport tax (money). In 2010 I did America to Ghana; and now America to Sudan (land of the Blacks) via Cairo... again, 'to hell was the triangular route'.
Dancing the dream,,,,see everyone in Pretoria in November.

Muhammad Alkarouri  

Salam Gada,

Thanks a lot. And thanks for the whole brilliant conference. I hope you have wound down with no problems. And pass my thanks to Rofaida.


Charles Verharen   30 Jan

Hi, Gada

We can't thank you enough for making it possible for us to go to the Sudan.
We're not yet "deep into our work." Rather we're in what a friend of ours calls "great wracking sobs of re-entry depression" because we had such a wonderful time in Sudan.
The workshop was exceptional! You deserve extraordinary congratulations for putting it together under the most trying conditions. And for putting up with my perpetual barrage of "visa nervosa."
Our trip to Nubia was one of the best ever. My talks with Tim Kendall on Nubian/Ancient Egyptian relations at Jebel Barkal alone would have justified the whole expedition! And meeting Charles Bonnet at Kerma was a real treat.
We just went to a concert by a Nubian woman at the Kennedy Center: Alsarah and the Nubatones. She was born in Sudan but her parents exiled to Yemen and then the US. Rebecca plays Nubian music (Shaggy!) every day.
I enjoyed talking with your mother. Please thank her for giving you such remarkable assistance with the conference--to say nothing of bringing you into the world!
I hope that we can dedicate a skype call with you and John (Tharakan) to debrief on the workshop and the Sudan experience. I've already started lobbying Howard's most prominent Afrocentrist on the urgent need for him to go to Nubia to study the real relations between the Nubians and the ancient Egyptians.
Pretoria, then! I'm trying to convince Rebecca that she should come after the conference to spend our winter break in southern Africa--Lesoto, Swaziland, Mozambique, perhaps even South Africa!
Many thanks again!

I am Charles Addo Darko, a Ghanaian student at just ended conference in Khartoum. Is been closely a month now after KM conference, I have carefully gone through the papers presented by all the resources persons thoroughly.

In fact  I must admit without second taught all the work presented were amazing and it  has really challenged me to push further in my education to become like you.

On behalf of myself and all students who made it to the conference, I will like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all of you for given us the opportunity to tap knowledge from you it has really added to our knowledge base.
 I look foward and hope hope to make it to Pretoria this year. Many thanks to you all.


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